in which technology and graphic art are utterly attached

In order to serve in a fast and flexible way, we have an updated service platform: a-state-of-art pre-press printing, CTP and digital proofing, off-set printing, digital printing, digital printing with variable data, several finishing processes such as: special cutting, embossing, special folds, matt and gloss laminations, uv varnish, dry embossing, hot stamping, hot melting, wire-o, etc.


We have a new facility with a very important location, a integrated management and price enquiry systems, high-tech equipment with a team of specialists in each field.


Centrografica, which has a considerable expertise in the promotional field, has been updated using new technologies and processes to offer the most diverse solutions for this market. Far beyond of being only a printing factory, which colour papers, it fancies understanding and meeting the clients’ needs to offer appropriate solutions through the following processes:


• thorough price enquiry aiming at using the money efficiently;

• several sorts of printed material with added value;

• close proximity to the client;

• provision of high quality services;

• commitment to deadlines.


Sustainability has become a concept, which comprises different field goals involving a wide range of scientific, political and social matters. It means that you have to be able to produce meeting the current needs as well as meeting the needs of generations to come.

A sustainable production defines a process, which is socially and environmentally responsible for the resources used.

Certainly it is important to be certified by FSC, although it is not enough to be sustainable. It is important to have other attitudes towards it such as:


• Pre- press printing with no chemical plates

• Off-set printing with 100% soy ink, the inputs like fountain solution and solvents with no VOC (volatile organic compound) and the cleaning cloths are ecologically washed and reused.

• Change in the finishing process to cut down waste, to separate paper shavings, to separate the litter.

• The inputs are disposed according to CETESB (Environmental Sanitation Technology Company) legislations so that we are able to get the Green Stamp.







Centrografica has been certified since 07/09, offering printing materials which value the environmental issues. To do so our suppliers are also certified. Besides the FSC certification we use soy ink in our printing materials, certifying once more our commitment to the environment.


The Brazilian Forest Stewardship Council (FSC Brazil) is a non-governmental organization, independent and not-for-profit which aims at providing businesses and consumers with a tool to influence how Brazilian forests are managed according to principles and criteria which reconcile the ecological safeguards with social benefits and economical viability.




To learn more about FSC visit:




+55 11 3933.7500

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